About Us


The Madison Tam Memorial Benefit was established by Jessa and Trevor Tam in April 2020; after the tragic loss of their daughter Madison on 6/4/2020.

Starting as a Scout, Madison continued her journey through the Venturer and Rover sections where she was an active and passionate member of the Far North Region Scouts achieving multiple Scout Honours and holding various leadership roles during her time in the movement.  Madison had great visions for the success of Scouts in the Far North Region, one of those being easier access to leadership development, management skills and training.

As parents, we saw firsthand the benefit being a Scout had in all areas of Madison’s life, confidence, leadership, management and friendships being just a few of these. Our main goal in establishing the MTMB is to create a scholarship fund to help support youth members enabling them to achieve the things that Madison was most passionate about.

Our vision is for Madison’s memory to live on in the community that she was proud to be a part of and that the Madison Tam Memorial Benefit will be her legacy for many years to come.